Welsh Outpouring – The blog I forgot to publish last May!

On the 10th April 2013, our mid-week “Encounter” meeting was in full flow, there were probably about 70 people in attendance and the layout of the auditorium had been changed that very day to make better use of the space. Pastor Richard preached a message from the book of Esther with the pulpit on the floor, because the stage was at the other end of the room!

As he preached, expectancy seemed to flood into the room, faith levels were high, and people were invited to bring their enemy (sickness, sin, marital, debt problems etc) into the presence of the king. Within moments people filled the front area and prayer was offered.

Paul has been a part of Victory Church for approximately 18 months and had only attended the meeting that night after his wife had persuaded him to go. He felt tired and has since said to me, ‘I nearly stayed home’. After sitting in the meeting, his wife encouraged him ‘this could be your night, go and get prayer’. He pushed himself in his wheelchair to the front where Pastor Richard was praying.

Paul had been wheelchair bound for ten years before that nightmare ended on 10th April 2013. He received prayer and Pastor Richard declared the word strength over his legs and prayed fervently. Standing right next to him, I watched Paul’s legs strengthen, they began to shake violently and within moments, he lept to his feet, picked up his chair (above his head) and ran around the church!)

The place went absolutely bonkers! Our eyes were on sticks at what we had just witnessed. I’ve witnessed healing before, and prayed for sick people and seen them healed, but this was another level. Paul was instantly healed, his leg grew approximately 2cm’s and he could not only walk, but he could run! He had picked a very heavy wheelchair up (that I can barely lift) and ran with it above his head. No one that witnessed what Jesus had done that night can deny that this indeed was the book of Acts in action today.

The praise that erupted that night was incredible. For a space of time – I can’t qualify exactly how long – everyone was just completely lost in praise and adoration. God was here. God was in the room. We weren’t just saying it, we weren’t just believing it. He was actually here, His presence was manifest thickly.

The very next morning, I was driving to church when the Lord spoke to my heart. The words ‘I have entered in and I am the King of Glory’ rang in my heart. The barriers had been broken and His presence was thick and manifest throughout the building. Pastor Andrew had stayed at the church throughout the night, praying and seeking God. When I arrived, he was already praying for everyone who entered the building. One after another, people were receiving a fresh encounter with Jesus and lay prostrate on the floor, unable to stand because of His presence. It was an incredible sight.

God is not limited to our programmes and agendas, He is bigger than our events and meetings, in fact I think that often God is repulsed by our dependance on these things! What we have witnessed and are continuing to witness here in Cwmbran is a sovereign move of God. Meetings are never closed, and we expect God to meet with people at anytime of the day or night.

Within days, news spread fast of this outpouring and it seemed to go viral. Now, nearly one month on, it’s building up pace, increasingly people are returning with a bus load of people after visiting early on to check out what was going on. It’s humbling to see ministers from all sorts of churches coming and receiving something fresh from God! Many have reported dramatic changes in their own settings! One such church based in Horsham, has reported that their men’s prayer meeting jumped from 3 people to 20 this week and an unsaved gentleman was saved during the prayer meeting!

Unsaved souls are finding Christ in vast numbers, and whole families are being transformed. Many families and individuals in Victory Church have seen their loved ones saved as a result of this outpouring.

There are 8 A4 pages worth of miracles so far and that only includes what we have had direct report from the individuals on. Many miracles have taken place in the foyer, on the car park, or in the meetings, but God is certainly not constrained. We are hosting the Holy Spirit, Jesus is at the wheel and the Fathers love is reaching many.

Young people are finding freedom in Christ and connecting with God enthusiastically. Largely unchurched, unsaved young people have been transformed after encountering the Holy Spirit, many have got up of the floor saying, ‘I need Jesus!’ Many of these young people are already sharing their new found faith with friends and relatives and seeing the power of the gospel at work in their world!

There is so much to write, so much to recall. Way to much for 1 blog. Jesus is at work and we give Him all the glory for what He has done.

The Welsh Outpouring continues!

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